Puffins & Elves - Private tour

Starting from: Ekskifjordur, Seydisfjordur
Season: Cruise days

Duration: 5-6 hours  

Enjoy this private tour to the remote Borgarfjordur region, the land of puffins and elves.

We can tailor make private tour itineraries depending on your interests and the duration.

Please contact us with details of your group, date and preferences; so we can make sure you have a fantastic day in port.


Crossing spectacular mountain passes, we arrive in the remote region of Borgarfjordur. Bakkagerdi on the coast is known as the home of the puffins and elves. You can also visit the elves at Alfaborg, a small hill known to be their home and Kirkjusteinn, their church. An aasy trail up hill will also grant you with a good view over the fjord. Next, we visit Hafnarholmi to see the puffins.


- Guided tour of Bakkagerdi, Alfaborg and Hafnarholmi  

To bring:
- Warm clothes
- Comfortable walking shoes
- Dont forget your camera